What VGU Offers You

An education of German standard right in Vietnam

VGU offers selected Bachelor and Masters programs, taken from the strongest engineering areas of Germany. The study programs are run by our German partner universities who ensure their high quality training by sending academic teams of experienced professors and experts to lecture at VGU. Students receive an excellent, internationally competitive education of German standards, and thus, are provided with the best opportunities on the job-market.

German and VGU degrees

VGU students receive a German and VGU university degree. The degrees follow German standards and are recognized all over the world.

Skills in the strongest engineering areas of Germany

VGU´s students gain profound and excellent skills in the strongest engineering areas of Germany. Experienced German professors provide a broad knowledge, students highly benefit from. An education at VGU combines academic excellence and practical knowledge which ensures an outstanding academic training.  

Excellent English language skills

VGU students gain an excellent English proficiency while studying at VGU. Experienced and highly qualified English teachers offer language courses designed to provide students with profound language skills. By participating in VGU´s Foundation Year Bachelor students gain necessary English language skills to successfully study at VGU. English courses are also offered during the study. VGU also offers German language courses to undergraduate students. Due to our international orientation, VGU provides students with excellent language skills necessary for a career on the local and international job-market.     

Attractive tuition fees and scholarships

The tuition fees at VGU are very moderate and far below the actual costs of our high-quality study programs. Since the university receives significant financial and in-kind support by German and Vietnamese partners and friends, VGU makes it possible for students to study at an excellent university at low fees. Attractive and generous scholarships for all programs are also offered at VGU.   

A gateway to Germany 

Studying at VGU is a gateway to Germany. VGU offers the opportunity to study at German universities for one semester or to continue with postgraduate programs, Master´s or Ph.D., in Germany. Furthermore, students have the possibility to do internships at German companies and multinationals in Vietnam. That´s why studying at VGU ensures excellent opportunities in research positions as well as on the local and international job-market.  

German support for VGU at governmental level

German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed support of Germany for the Vietnamese-German University during the Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung's visit to Germany in October 2014.

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