A New Campus for VGU

The new campus of the Vietnamese GermanUniversity is planned to be Vietnam’s most modern campus in terms of design, but also in terms of its facilities that will create an ideal learning and working environment for students, lecturers and staff alike. Covering a total area of 50 hectares, the new campus will be located 40km from Ho Chi Minh City, in the New Urban area of My Phuoc, Thoi Hoa Commune, Ben Cat District in Binh Duong Province.

As the result of an international competition in 2013, the design for the Master Plan as well as the Architecture submitted by architecture-firm MACHADO SILVETTI from Boston, USA, was selected as the best.

VGU New Campus – Phase 1 to be finished in 2019

The construction of the Campus is divided into two phases. In Phase 1, the Campus will be established for a maximum capacity of 5.000 students and prepared for its planned relocation in 2019.

In Phase 2, the campus will be completed to serve its maximum capacity of 12.000 students.

The construction of the new campus makes a significant contribution to the VGU's main objective to strengthen its role in education and research in Vietnam and worldwide. It will provide ample space to implement new educational models, programs and facilities.

In direct proximity to each other, five academic cluster buildings will offer space for lecturers and research staff. The buildings will be equipped with offices and state-of-the-art laboratories in different sizes, including modern instruments to facilitate interdisciplinary and intercultural research. The laboratories are designed to be competitive in respect to international standards.

Next to the teaching in laboratories, lectures and seminars will be held at the Lecture Hall which offers a total of 50 seminar and lecture rooms in different sizes and seating arrangements. In order to promote interactive learning, the seminar and lecture rooms will be fitted with the latest technology and audiovisual equipment.

The new library with its vibrant learning spaces will create an environment, where students and lecturers can achieve at the highest levels, taking into account the different types of learning. The wide array of printed, digital as well as interactive resources will offer various applications for different target groups and therefore will ensure high academic standards.

Overview Campus with Buildings

The new design also includes on-campus dormitories. The housing options will feature furnished apartments, lounge areas and recreational spaces, providing an abundance of leisure-time opportunities including, among other things, a sports center with various quality sports fields, a gym as well as a swimming pool.

A modern food court will cater students and staff throughout the day. In a seating area covering three floors, they can enjoy a great variety of high-quality food, ranging from light snacks to complete meals.

May it be vegetarian, seafood, national or international cuisine - the new food outlets will serve every taste. In order to ensure the highest possible health and hygiene standards, all meals will be prepared in separate kitchens.

Besides, two cafés, one in the administration building and a smaller one on the ground floor of the library, will open its doors to satisfy coffee cravings while at the same time providing additional break areas.

Thanks to a new ceremony hall, which will accommodate more than 1.000 people, the VGU becomes more open to the public. The hall’s well-thought-out design makes it an ideal venue for various events, e.g. graduation ceremoniesor official receptions, as due to its externally and internally oval shape there is no fixed direction of view.

Next to its close cooperation with German universities, the VGU aims to build further strategic partnerships and networks with international educational institutions. Therefore the new campus will also include an academic village to accommodate guest lecturers and professors from different countries.

In a large exhibition hall, the VGU will not only have the opportunity to showcase the results of its own research, but also to hold career and technology fairs. Integrated research pavilions will offer space to exhibit VGU’s study programs and research fields as well as to present students’ theme- and project-based work.

The Vietnamese German University is both, a research and a service university. Besides its curricula and teaching staff, which ensures the highest quality in research and education, the VGU Administration, including the Presidential Board, the Student Service Center, the Facility and Building Management, Human Resources, Finance and Accounting as well as the Public and Relations Department sustain smooth operations at VGU and therewith create an ideal learning and teaching environment.

The single departments will be situated in a separate building, which will also house the Alumni club.

The latter will be situated on the top floor, overlooking the whole campus area.

Timeline for VGU New Campus design and construction

The plan uses a phase approach to construction that divides the campus into four (4) zones. The phased approach enables each zone to be appraised, authorized, and built as the corresponding design package becomes available, resulting in a potential saving of up to two years of total construction time. Time savings result from allowing appraisal and authorization of subsequent zones to run in parallel with construction of antecedent zones. Tentative agreement on use of the phased approach with zoning methodology for construction of campus that is corresponding with four zones as being designed by General Designer/Consultant Machado and Silvetti, Inc. (MSA).

The technical design of the administration building, including the presidential office, as well as the exhibition hall and the technical plant has already started and is expected to be completed by the end of this year. It will be more detailed in terms of the technical requirements for the buildings and rooms as well as in terms of the infrastructure.

The design is kept under review by the VGU planning team, who constantly provide feedback to the designer.

The bottom figure shows the view out the Presidential Office overlooking the campus.

Administration Building – View from the presidential office overlooking the campus

In the beginning of 2016 the technical design for the next zone will start, which includes the library, ceremony hall, lecture hall and food court.

The construction will most likely start in September 2016 and is expected to be completed in 2019/ 2020. In the long term perspective VGU is looking to develop the new campus to its maximum capacity of 12.000 students.

VGU New Campus – Phase 2 for 12.000 students


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