Recent development

The Vietnamese-German University has progressed tremendously in its academic and administrative development. Important milestones have been achieved which contribute significantly to VGU´s goal of becoming the leading research university in Vietnam and the region.

Regarding administrative issues, VGU is preparing for its 3rd University Council meeting. Important decision about new programs and the establishment of academic structures such as foundation of facilities will be taken. In November 2011, VGU has awarded its first graduates, and opened its new interim campus in Binh Duong.

Also in its academic development VGU moved on significantly. Its first research center, the "Vietnamese-German Transport Research Center" (VGTRC), was opened in 2010. Closely linked to VGU´s study programs VGTRC is in charge of offering the Master´s program "Traffic and Transport" which will be launched in winter 2012.

An important milestone concerning VGU´s further development is a World Bank loan of 180 million USD which was confirmed in June 2010. The loan is mainly provided for VGU´s new campus in Binh Duong Province close to Ho-Chi-Minh City. Opening in 2016/17 the campus will be constructed according to newest technologies: renewable energies as well as ecological construction methods will be used and its modern teaching and research facilities guarantee an excellent education and research, meeting international standards and setting regional benchmarks.

The signing of the architecture design competition will take place in January 2012.

Progressing successfully

Signing Ceremony of the World Bank loan
The "Vietnamese-German Transport Research Centre", founded in 2010