VGU´s academic development

The Vietnamese-German University has progressed rapidly in its academic development. Since its foundation in 2008 the number of study programs has been increasing constantly. Having offered one Bachelor program in 2008, VGU now offers four Master´s programs which are run in close cooperation with its German partner universities. In winter 2011, one additional Bachelor and one more Master´s program will be launched.

Along with the establishment of new study programs the number of students grows continously. At the moment more than 380 students are enrolled. In 2013 the number of students is expected to more than double.

Also concerning VGU´s research projects the university progressed significantly. Focusing on High-Tech Engineering and Sustainable Development VGU establishes research centers and postgraduate schools which are designed to meet the demand for high quality research in Vietnam. VGU´s first research center, the "Vietnamese-German Transport Research Center" (VGTRC), was founded in March 2010. It is part of a large, interdisciplinary research-focused institution, the "Research Center of High-Tech Engineering and Sustainability" which consists of five single research centers. VGTRC is the first one to be opened. The research centers will be located on VGU´s new campus in Binh Duong Province close to Ho-Chi-Minh City.        

Excellent study programs and research

VGU´s students receive a diploma
Working on a study project, VGU´s students broaden their knowledge