Frequently Asked Questions

Is VGU a German university?

No, VGU is a Vietnamese state university. However, it is a research-oriented university which follows the German model and standards concerning academic and administrative issues. Being a joint project of Vietnamese and German institutions, VGU offers study programs run by German universities as well as German university degrees.  

What is VGU´s academic profile?

VGU´s study programs are focused on engineering areas and natural sciences. Due to the close cooperation with our German partner universities, VGU's Bachelor and Master´s programs are taken from the strongest engineering areas of Germany. Along with excellent study programs VGU developed a research profile which is focused on High-Tech Engineering and Sustainable Development. VGU's research projects respond to the fast-growing demand for an excellent research culture, meeting international standards and setting regional benchmarks.

Which university degrees does VGU offer?

After a successful study students receive a German university degree. VGU offers Bachelor (B.Eng.) and Master´s (M.Sc.) as well as doctoral degrees (Ph.D.). The degrees are awarded by our German partner universities and VGU degree. Soon, VGU will offer its own university degrees which follow high international standards and meet the need for highly qualified young academics.  

Who are the professors?

Most of the professors who lecture at VGU teach at a German university. Therefore, single modules are offered as block seminars in compact units. Course coordinators stay at VGU for several years to ensure that the study programs are adapted well and meet the needs of Vietnamese higher education. Experienced Vietnamese university lecturers support the high quality of VGU´s study programs. The modules will be taken over mainly by experienced German professors.

What is the teaching language?

The teaching language at VGU is English. Since international companies request excellent English language skills, English proficiency is required. Gaining these is part of our educational model. VGU offers English language courses run by experienced and highly qualified English teachers. Beyond that, VGU´s students have to possibility to study German which enables them to study in Germany or to work for German companies. 

How much are the tuition fees?

VGU keeps fees at a low level. The tuition fees for one semester amount to around 15 million VND (2011). For example: a Bachelor program of eight semesters costs only around 120 million VND (2011), a Master´s running for four semesters only around 60 million VND (2011). In order to enable students to study at low fees, VGU offers gernerous scholarships and fee reductions. Read more...

Does VGU provide scholarships?

Yes, VGU offers attractive scholarships and fee reductions for Bachelor's and Master's programs. 60% of all students from Bachelor and full time Master programs receive generous scholarships which cover 25% to 100% of the tuition fees. 30% of all students from part time programs receive scholarships which cover 25% to 50% of the tuition fees. Read more... 

Are there student dormitories?

We offer dormitories to all the students in the first year in Binh Duong. The dormitories are located close to the VGU buildings.

Where is VGU located?

Thu Duc campus is located in Ho Chi Minh City. Interim Binh Duong campus is located in Binh Duong New City, Binh Duong province. By 2016/17 VGU will move to its new campus in Binh Duong Province close to Ho-Chi-Minh City. Read more... 

Does VGU offer jobs at the moment?

VGU offers attractive jobs for academic and administrative staff. We have a particular interest in young Vietnamese academics educated in Germany. VGU also looks for experienced teaching staff from Vietnamese universities to work as lecturers, research assistants and tutors. Read more...


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