Opportunity Scholarship Regulation

§1 Scope and Field of Application

The purpose of the Opportunity Scholarships is to provide financial aid for Master's students who are not well-off or come from disadvantaged or under-represented regions in Vietnam.

The scholarship regulation applies to the following Master's degree programs at Vietnamese-German University (VGU):

- Computational Engineering (CompEng)
- Mechatronics and Sensor Systems Technology (MSST)
- Sustainable Urban Development (SUD)

Students who receive an Opportunity Scholarship are not entitled to receive a VGU Merit Scholarship or Women Scholarship in the same academic year.

In exceptional cases the Presidential Board of VGU can decide that other VGU scholarship types can be combined with VGU Opportunity Scholarships, e.g. if the nature of the other scholarship does not focus on coverage  of tuition fees but grants other benefits such as employment opportunities or exchange opportunities with international universities (e.g., scholarships from DAAD or industry partners).

§2 Eligibility

Eligible students are those who:

i. apply for the Opportunity Scholarships by submitting the Financial Aid Form (FAF) to the Scholarship Office of VGU's Department of Academic Affairs;
ii. face financial hardship; or
iii. benefit from the current government-mandated preferential policies; or
iv. have permanent residency registration in disadvantaged areas.

§3 Selection Criteria

The number of scholarships for disadvantaged Master's students is limited to 40% of the admitted students per intake for one study program after the last admission round, but the absolute number of Opportunity Scholarships cannot exceed 8 per program. When the number of eligible applicants is higher than the number of provided scholarships, a competitive selection will be applied as follows:

- Applicants falling into the Candidates for financial aids under the current government mandated preferential policies receive the highest priority

- Students with more serious economic hardship will receive the next highest priority. Judgments of financial status are based on the information in the FAF

- Applicants falling into the Region priority criteria in the current admission regulations for the undergraduate full-time programs receive priority over applicants without the Region Priority

- Applicants with better academic achievements receive higher priority.

§4 Application Deadline & Duration of Scholarship

The application deadline is the last working day of August for the winter semester and the last working day of February for the summer semester of the referring academic year.

The scholarship will be given for the semester of application and the subsequent ones. The scholarship will be valid for the whole regular period of study as long as the female student is enrolled, is not in the period of deferment/leave of absence, and can maintain a GPA of at least 3.3 in accordance with the German grading system at the end of each semester as well as obtain IELTS of at least 6.0 (or equivalent). The deadline for submission of IELTS certificate is no later than the last day of the third semester (winter semester of the second academic year).

§5 Type of Financial Assistance

Scholarship receivers will be exempted from tuition fees by 100%. Furthermore scholarship receivers will be provided with a living allowance of approx. 1,000 USDa year (dependent on the actual exchange rates).