Tiếng Việt

Research Center for High-Tech Engineering and Sustainable Development

Designed as a research university, it is VGU´s mission to become the leading research university in Vietnam and the region.

In order to catalyze technology transfer and innovation, VGU will establish an interdisciplinary research center focused on High-Tech Engineering and Sustainable Development. The "Research Center for High-Tech Engineering and Sustainable Development" will meet international standards, set regional benchmarks, train excellent academics and attract leading scientists from all over the world. By establishing a thriving research culture, VGU aims to contribute substantially to the further development of Vietnam´s research environment.

Having identified five fields of research as being prior, the "Research Center for High-Tech Engineering and Sustainability" consists of five single research centers which cooperate closely. They respond to the country´s major needs and will develop research projects of excellence which are designed to meet the country´s demands.

The research center will be located at VGU´s new campus in Binh Duong Province close to Ho-Chi-Minh City which will be opened in 2016/17. Strongly cooperating with industry, the research center serves as a platform for science, industry and politics, catalyzing innovation and technology transfer.

The "Research Center for High-Tech Engineering and Sustainable Development" is organized in a roof structure. Five single research centers will be integrated:

  •  Traffic, Transport, Mobility, Logistics
  • Renewable Energy Technologies, Lightning Technologies
  • Water Technologies and Water Resource Management
  • Sustainable Urban Development
  • "Green" Development and Resource Managment, Biodiversity/Climate Change, Biotechnology

  In 2010 VGU opened its first research center, the "Vietnamese-German Transport Research Center" (VGTRC). It is in charge of VGU´s  Master´s program "Traffic and Transport" which will be launched in winter 2011.