SUD2012 students

Mr. Nguyen Minh Tan – SUD 2012 intake

Director of Tường Minh Consulting &  Architecture
Visiting lecturer at Hong Bang University

“I really love academic environment of SUD at VGU where I have got passion on academic study from professors, teachers and classmates. I wish I could study here when I were a graduate.

SUD Master Program delivers many contemporary subjects and knowledge which I have never learnt before. Courses on planning instruments, environment assessment, GIS... made me consolidate my professional as architect and planner.
I've thought I have to encourage my kids studying SUD (if I could have some more kids!)”

Mr. Dang The Hien – SUD 2012 intake

Lecturer at Ton Duc Thang University

“I took SUD course at VGU as another step in my career of urban planning as the practical work required me more knowledge. It was also a hard decision because it was a full-time program and I had to leave my work for 2 years, but it turns out to be a good decision as SUD program worth it!
Talking about SUD, the biggest impression of mine is that all the professors in the course are respectable. They are all the head professors in their field, not because of that make the class’s atmosphere serious but very open and friendly. We had interesting classes with lots of discussion, arguments and laughs. From that, we not only gained knowledge but also friendship between classmates and enrich our professional circle. Besides, all staff at VGU is helpful and they tries their best to support the students. All of that make the time VGU unique and unforgettable, after the course, we not only have the new academic title, but the new attitude professional life, keep us passionate in the field of sustainable development. Wish all the best VGU and especially, SUD program!”

Mr. Nguyen Trung Quan – SUD 2012 intake

Head of Architectural Design for Design and Constrcution JSC – Hoan Cau Group
Visiting lecturer at Ton Duc Thang University and Hong Bang University

“One of the most valuable things that I learnt in my 2 years studying Sustainable Urban Development at VGU is the applicability of what was in the text book to reality. I had a wonderful time with the knowledgeable and devoting professors and TA’s [aka Teaching Assistants]. VGU has been successful in creating a professional working environment where students interacted with instructors continuously during the courses. Besides that, I enjoyed so much the extracurricular activities involving field visiting that VGU organized for every course. These activities help us visualize urbanization through real life and exciting experiences instead of just through tedious textbook theories. Graduating with a degree in Sustainable Urban Development opens even more job opportunities in academic researching and teaching at Universities. Last but not least, I appreciate the devoting staff in the management department who did their best to give us amazing experiences during the time we studied at VGU.”

SUD2013 Students

Mr. Elias Schneider – SUD 2013 intake

Management Consultant

“The interdisciplinary study program - Sustainable Urban Development - of VGU combines the most useful subjects to work on the most urging development problems in Viet Nam and worldwide. The professors and lecturers work diligent and keep an eye on every student like a good shepherd. The students are encouraged to develop their own ideas and improve their English and presentation skills to be well-prepared for their professional career. All in all I am glad I made the decision to study this great academic program and meet nice people at the same time.”

Mr. Pham Quang Dong – SUD 2013 intake

Freelance Architect

“SUD is an enriched study program that provide student with knowledge and skills to meet the market need. Besides, the program is taught by dedicated and experienced lecturers that promote a professional and interactive education environment.”

Mr. Huynh Chanh Trung – SUD 2013 intake


“Holding the DAAD scholarship to conduct my master thesis in Germany, I’ve had chance to experience the professional research environment as well as the fascinating culture of the country.As a SUD student, it is also a great opportunity to get in touch with the modern and well developed urban system that widen and deepen my knowledge in the field of urban study.”

SUD2014 Students

Mr. Tran Quang Dao – SUD 2014 intake

Graduate student

“VGU provides me with good facilities, quiet study environment as well as attractive tuition fee policy. For me, it is great to learn from gurus who have profound knowledge and practical experience. The knowledge and skills that I attained are very important for me in the era of international integration.”

Ms. Kieu Thi Le – SUD 2014 intake

Graduate student

“In general, the course fulfills what a graduate student needs for his/ her science research on Sustainable Urban Development. Personally, the combinations of theory and practice as well as different learning methods introduced by the professors at VGU have inspired me to be interested in the fields that I was not before. In the end, it’s not about study for a certain purpose, but about study for the meaning of studying itself.”

Ms. Vo Dao Chi – SUD 2014 intake

Graduate student

“The SUD program covers a range of disciplines such as economic, environment, society. Student is equipped with fundamental knowledge and advanced skills regarding urban studies. I really appreciate the enthusiasm of both Profs and RTA and their way to give us lectures and guideline.”

SUD2015 Students

Ms. Tran Thuy Dung – SUD 2015 intake

Graduate student

“Master’s program on Sustainable Urban Development of Vietnamese-German University has left me impressed. I and students are seeing better opportunities for employment and studying abroad when attending this program.
The program is entirely in English and is built on the basics of the Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany; therefore focusing on practicality. In the process of studying, I can participate in scientific seminars or go excursion, and that are useful a lot for my studying. Lectures and assistant of the program are professional having experiences and very friendly and help students enthusiastically.
In addition, Vietnamese - German University is equipped with multiple modern equipment, such as computer rooms or a common room with a microwave or boiling water automatically to help students can eat lunch easier. The library has lots of books, diversity newspapers and facilitates that I have the opportunity to improve, cultivate my knowledge.
Besides, Vietnamese - German University has many scholarships to support students having good academic results. We are supported from companies and organizations of Germany to study and practice in Germany, which is a big advantage for the future of each student.”


Ms. Nguyen Thi Huong Lan – SUD 2015 intake

Graduate student

“SUD is a good choice for people who want to study deeply about sustainable development of urban. It gives me opportunity to access the new knowledge, new idea in the field of urban development. Moreover, this master program help me develop skills in study and I also learn how to how to thinking in scientific way. In my opinion, If you want to study in an international environment, with the good quality and reasonable fee, SUD is a suitable program for you.”

Mr. Nguyen Nhu Y – SUD 2015 intake

Graduate student

“I really appreciate SUD for running this course. This grants me an opportunity to widen my horizon of major knowledge since my knowledge is quite limited within my city due to the local characteristic of each urban areas. Furthermore, studying in VGU offers me a chance not only to experience German education quality but also possibility to work abroad related to my field.”

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