Projects and Events

1) Senior Lab engineer Le Duy Can visited the University of Applied Science Karlsruhe/Germany; the partner university of MSST study program at VGU.; for a period of 2 months (from 01.10 to 30.11.2015) to study the curriculum and refer the laboratory of study program "Sensor System Technology" at University Karlsruhe. He transferred these knowledge to study program MSST at VGU.


2) During his stay in Germany, Senior lab engineer Le Duy Can also visited several major German companies, in order to strengthen cooperation between MSST study program and industrial companies. He came to the company Pepperl und Fuchs in Mannheim, company Festo Didactic in Esslingen and the company Unisensor
in Kalrsruhe. Two companies Pepperl Fuchs and Festo have funded numerous equipment in the laboratory of MSST program.



3) To expand cooperation in the areas of training and research, study program MSST is also actively exchanging information with universities, research institutions NANOLAB at Vietnamese National University (VNU) and technical college Cao Thang in HCMC.



4) Study program MSST offered a seminar of circuit design with FPGAs devices for the master and bachelor students at VGU.



5) MSST program supports also selective project and bachelor thesis for Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies (EEIT) students. The following these are successfully carried out by 4 EEIT2010 students.

a) Development of embedded system with Atmel Microcontrollers (Robot arm) by student Nguyen Hoai Phuong.

b) Development of embedded system with Atmel Microcontrollers (Distance measurement by ultrasonic sensor) by student Nguyen Dinh Tri.

c) Home Automation system with Fuzzy control ventilation embedded in AVR microcontroller by student Vo Ha Trung.

d) Voice Controlled System for House Application by student Dinh Van Dung.

6) The company Festo Germany donated a 3D-printer MakerBot Replicator 2x for MSST lab.

Currently the students use it in order to manufacture the small prototype needed in student activities and thesis.

7) Prof.Dr Chistian Langen from University of Applied Science Karlsruhe and Intel Germany donated 5 FPGA development kit “DE2i-150 Development And Education Board” to MSST study program. These kits are currently used in MSST study program for workshop and master thesis. Because of a fast processing time FPGA hardware has more and more application now and in the future.

8) A delegation of universities and research centers for water treatment from Germany visited the automation lab of MSST study program. Water treatment is more and more important because of the rapid growing of industries in Vietnam. This delegation from German visited VGU and Analytic lab in MSST study program. We try to establish a cooperation between us.

9) Student of the intake MSST2014 visited Laboratory for Nano Technology. Dr. Eric Fribourg-Blanc gives the lecture on “Technology of Sensors” worked at Laboratory for Nano Technology in Thu Duc district/ Ho Chi Minh City. After the lecture for the group MSST2014 he arranged a visit at Laboratory for Nano Technology. The MSST students have also a possibility to carry out master thesis at the lab.

10) National Instrument workshop for VGU-students. A workshop on the software Labview was held at Vietnamese German University's Binh Duong campus on December 5th 2014. The software LabView and hardware MyRIO of NI are introduced to students of MSST and EEIT study program.

11) Hung Vuong Technical College students had training on Festo workstation at Automation lab. In cooperation between Hung Vuong Technical College and MSST study program 3 students of the College were in the Automation lab. They had a possibility to work on the modern real hardware donated by Festo for MSST program.