Program Description

Mechatronics and Sensor Systems Technology (MSST) is a full-time two-year (four-semester) Master's program offered at VGU by the Hochschule Karlsruhe - University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

The language of instruction is English.

Observe - Resolve - React

This is the essential principle of intelligent activities. Human life would have never come so far if we had no eyes, noses or ears to capture our environment. Just like humans, modern technology cannot get along without sensors any more. They are found in every branch of industry. Smartphones detect the position of our fingers, the airbag of a car is released right at crash time and a manufacturing robot autonomously fits a part in the right place. Compared to the development of modern microelectronics, there is an accumulated demand for sensor technologies. In fact, the quality of automated systems is limited by the lack of appropriate sensors rather than insufficient signal processing.

Design Mechatronics from scratch

Technically, a sensor converts a physical quantity like temperature, distance or force to an electrical signal. In a mechatronic system the sensor signals are processed by a control unit, usually a microcontroller or a computer. Then, an adequate output signal is given to actively control the system. The MSST program provides the skills to design a whole mechatronic system from scratch. From the physical principles of sensor technologies to the design and programming of intelligent systems, all subjects are covered.

From Talent to Excellence

The first semester is dedicated to basic knowledge. As the strong accent is placed on applications, many of the lectures are illustrated through experiments, and students involve in lab projects, in modeling and controlling. In the second and third semesters, basic lectures continue, but more concentrated on specific topics. Hence, specialized subjects or projects are chosen, which are selected to meet the current developments and demands. The close cooperation with our partners in industry guarantees a range of subjects that is tailored to the demands of future. In the third semester, students perform a team project which is completed in close cooperation with the industry. This module provides students with experiences working in mixed international teams and connections to a network of different professionals. The fourth semester is devoted to the Master thesis. The thesis is completed within an industrial research project either in Vietnam or abroad as required by the exam regulations. Only in special circumstances, a thesis at the University without any connections to an industrial project is accepted.


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