Lab facilities

Since 2014, the practical works of the MSST Master’s program are supported by three of the seven lab rooms at VGU’s Binh Duong Campus.

Some of the experiments will be conducted in pools and lab rooms.

Sensor Measurement Lab

Computer Aided Sensor Labs A and B

Characteristics of modern sensors;
Technologies for sensors;
Resistive sensors, thermoelectric sensors, capacitive sensors, piezoelectric sensors;
Operational amplifiers and primary use of laboratory measurement equipment, especially digital storage oscilloscopes.

Environmental Engineering and Analysis Lab

Investigation of Environment

Analysis of environmental samples and contaminants;
Analysis of drinking and waste water;
Sensor-controlled water treatment processes;
Membrane technology;
Optical and electrochemical sensors for water and air quality

Automation Lab

Control of Processes

Profibus, Profinet;
CAN-bus systems;
Debugging and implementation of process DCS control systems;
SIMATIC S7-300 systems;
Control languages.

Bus Systems Lab (PC Pool)

Different Bus Systems

Lab in Internet-Protocols/ Security (including discussions on ISO/OSI layer 1-7, web server and email protocol);
Extensive experiments on automotive bus systems including the design and programming of CAN (PC and μC), LIN on μC and FlexRay on μC;
Starting with small networks (one to one) and extending to several connected devices.

Electronic Lab (PC-Pool)

Analog and Digital Electronics

Experiments with resistors, capacitors, inductors and networks;
Bridge circuits, diode and transistor, rectifier, transistor principal circuits;
Operational amplifiers (OP), OP principal circuits;
Digital numbers, logic gates, Boolean expressions, combinatory logic, sequential logic, analog/ digital and digital/ analog converters.

Control Engineering Lab (PC Pool and Lab)

Control and Simulation

Speed control, position control of DC motor;
Control loop design;
Experimental controller design;
Installation of position controller;
Modeling and determination of system parameters;
Oscillator with different damping, DC motor, water tank, cooling rib, heater, relay and simulation by using Simulink, validation.

Microcontroller Lab (PC Pool)   

Programming of Microcontrollers

Processing of real-time signals;
Design of programs at register level;
Structured and task-oriented programming;
Security aspects of embedded design;
State machine application.