Since the opening of its office in Vietnam in 1979, Siemens has been participating in numerous infrastructure projects in Vietnam and has firmly established its poise in many vital sectors of the nation’s economy such as energy, industry and healthcare.

In the energy sector, Siemens has been actively participating in many key projects such as the SCADA/DMS and 110kV unmanned substations for the Southern Power Corporation in 2014, the 750MW Nhon Trach 2 Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP) in 2009, etc. which have then extensively contributed to overcoming the severe power shortage in Vietnam and brought light to the very remote areas of the country.

In healthcare, Siemens has been assisting hospitals and clinics in Vietnam in providing high quality services at lower costs to the Vietnamese public, and in enabling diagnosis and treatment to be more targeted, more cost-effective and more successful than ever before. The supply contract of imaging equipment for Vinmec International Hospital in Hanoi in 2011 and the installation and operation of the PET/CT Biograph Truepoint 64 & Cyclotron systems at Cho Ray Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City in 2008 are emblematic examples of how Siemens’s advanced technology and solutions are addressing the growing need of providing the best healthcare services to the Vietnamese mass.