In co-operation with the Hochschule Karlsruhe - University of Applied Science, Germany (German degree, German quality).

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  • Bachelor degree in Mechatronic Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications, Mechanical Engineering, Information Technology…
  • English Proficiency.

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Mechatronics and Sensor Systems Technology

In cooperation with the Hochschule Karlsruhe - University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

From touch screens and cameras in mobile phones to highly automated robots in modern production facilities, sensors and derived applications have indubitably laid their mark in every small and large aspect of modern human life. Such profound impacts, along with the ever greater demand for technological developments in the field of sensors and related technologies in recent years have brought about the ongoing need for sources of highly trained professionals which are already in
shortage. This is especially applicable to Vietnam towards which the grand names in the business like Siemens, Bosch and Intel have shifted their production and research facilities leading to a prospective growth for the nation in this industry for years to come. Thus, a career in sensors technology is unequivocally promising to talented persons.

In response to the job market, the Mechatronics and Sensor Systems Technology (MSST) Master’s program is dedicated to providing students with the uppermost opportunities in opening the gateway to a career in automotive, automation, environmental technologies or microelectronics as both industry experts and academic researchers.

The benefits of the program

  • Prestigious Masters degree from Germany and VGU.
  • Competitive advantages to be among the most sought-after experts in simulation engineering.
  • The highest teaching standards with an outstanding curriculum, dedicated and experienced professors from Germany, modern facilities and state-of-the-art engineering software.
  • A network of research centers and industrial companies all over the world through the lecturers from Germany.
  • Attractive scholarship and tuition fees substantially subsidised by the Vietnamese and German governments.

Job Perspectives

With a world recognized German master degree, you'll gain competitive advantages in the job market by specialized skills in sensor technology combined with mechatronics, both key technologies for the present and future, English language competency and industry project experience. You can also seize excellent job and research opportunities in fields as varied as microelectronics, environmental systems, biotechnology, medical techniques, robotics, automotive vehicles and production optimization.

Partners in Education


With 8,000 students and 191 full-time faculties, the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences is one of the paramounts in application-oriented research in Germany. "Mechatronics and Sensor Systems Technology" as derived from "Mechatronics" and "Sensor Systems Technology", both are offered separately at Karlsruhe, enables the transfer of knowledge and experience from Germany to Vietnam.