Program's Overview

The SEPT MBA is a four-term course divided into different sections: Two terms of formal tuition and training at the University (2 semesters), a research project in (preferably) the participant‘s home country, followed by a finishing term at the University which covers the Master’s Thesis preparation and its respective colloquiums and follow-ups.

Program Flexibility

During the second semester, students can choose 2 of the 4 modules according to their own interests. In doing this, students can put emphasis and concentrate on the subjects they prefer. Voluntary participation in other courses without taking the respective examinations is always possible.

Research and Master‘s Thesis

Students finish the program with a Master’s thesis, which is an investigation in one of the most relevant topics of SME development. Two members of our faculty serve as thesis’ supervisor and help to maintain rigor and continuity during the whole process. Every participant will carry out his/her research project in conjunction with an adequate institution in the field of his or her preference. During this time, the data collection takes place and an evaluation of the research results must be submitted as a report. Back at the university, a last semester will be carried out where students will prepare their Master’s thesis in a topic selected by the student in accordance with his/her supervisors. Students have the opportunity to hand in their Master’s Thesis based on the documentation of their research results.

Academic Exchange in Leipzig

After having submitted their research reports, Vietnamese students have the possibility to travel to Leipzig for academic exchange. During this period of time, they have the opportunity to visit their Alma Mater. Additionally, they can exchange ideas, consult withf their German supervisors for the first stages of their Master’s thesis, and participate in the research colloquium.

Program’s Overview


The curricula are designed to combine formal course training with practical learning experiences. The regular courses, lectures and seminars are underpinned by workshops, conferences and reports on current scientific work and practical experiences, as well as working groups and plenary discussions.

The MBA course in Ho Chi Minh City starts in September each year. At the beginning of each semester, the students receive their individual study material. The students are requested to study the material for all lessons in advance, in order to secure the high quality standards of teaching and learning.

It is mandatory to assist at least to 80 % of the module. Excused absences are to be proven by means of a medical note. Excused absence should be approved by Vietnamese German University and SEPT Leipzig.


If you want to receive more information on the MBA in Small and Medium Sized Enterprise Development program at VGU, please contact us by emailing to: mba-sept(at)