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Courses in Semester 2

Management of Innovative Services

The service sector is in most economies worldwide the largest contributor to the GDP and the most important provider of employment. But lots of management disciplines the specific aspects of managing a service company are not receiving enough attention ... [more]

Marketing in SMEs

The module explains the problematic nature of the marketing of SMEs. Many concepts on marketing, mostly on the international context were developed for large firm and can only be adopted by SMEs according to their realities ... [more]

SME Finance

The module will give an overview about the most important aspects of financial management on the micro-, meso- and macro-level. The module will address the different types of instruments available to investors, the nature of their expected cash flow, their possible rewards and the risks related to the investment ... [more]

Competence Development in Enterprises

Focus will be on different concepts for competence development within the company. The emphasis is put on the discussion of human resource and knowledge management concepts based on the “Best Practices” of its development and implementation ... [more]

Data Analysis and Project Management

In this preparatory module for the 3rd semester methodical and project related knowledge is taught by teaching basics of empirical social research, interview techniques, development of questionnaires and methods of statistical data analysis ... [more]