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Students of GPEM 2013 delivered product development projects

GPEM 2013 students gained experience of product development processes by delivering a project on product development. The project required group of students to setup a company to bring a product into market.

Road mapping methodology was introduced to the class so that students can develop a roadmap for their companies to guide the product development process. Each company set up a vision for the company according to the trends and market drivers in short, medium and long terms. Then, each company decided on products, services and systems it will provide to achieve the vision. Companies also needed to investigate what technologies and resources will be required to deliver the agreed products, services and systems.

The project teams consisted of 3-4 students. Company names that students set up and products for each company are presented in the Table 1. At the end of the project, each company presented their roadmap and product development process to the rest of the class (Photo 1). There has been stimulating discussions on the questions and answers sections of the presentations where other students challenged decisions given by the presenting companies. Creative approaches were adopted by the students to deliver the presentations. For example, the company 101 represented their roadmap as a coconut tree (Photo 2(a)) and the VGUF company presented their product using Prezi software (Photo 2(b)).

The project is part of the Integrated Manufacturing Systems course which was delivered by Dr Erdem Ozturk between 21st of July-1st of August 2014.  The course teaches methods and technologies that can be used to develop and manufacture products.  The topics covered include CAD, CAE, prototyping, CAM, process engineering, inspection and automation technologies. With the project, the students had the opportunity to apply the material they learnt in the course to their own products.

Moreover, at the end of the first week, GPEM 2013 class made a company visit to reinforce the topics learned in the class. In the visit, students had the chance to learn more about a production company. Prior to the visit, students were given an assignment which requires them to collect data to understand the roadmap of the visited company. After the visit, collected data was discussed in the class and the roadmap of the company was created with the available data.

Photo 1. Green Bike company is presenting their manufacturing processes
Table 1. Product of each company

Photo 2. (a) The roadmap of the 101 company in shape of a coconut tree (b) the VGUF company presented the product development of their Sea Plane product with Prezi software

Photo 3. GPEM 2013 class and Dr Erdem Ozturk after the final exam