GPEM 2015 class has presented project results in the Manufacturing Technology course

The project required the GPEM 2015 class to setup groups to analyse manufacturing of several products. The students set-up six project teams and the teams chose the following products:

  • Aluminium can
  • Coin
  • Drilling tool 
  • Toothbrush
  • Pencil
  • Plastic bottle

The teams firstly identified the steps in manufacturing of the selected product. They focused their effort on one of the important manufacturing processes in the process chain. The teams analysed the processes such as deep drawing, forging, turning, injection moulding, sawing and stretch blow moulding. They determined the key process variables in the selected process and performed a sensitivity analysis for these variables. They discussed barriers to increased productivity and quality in the process. Finally, they implemented trade study methodology to benchmark selected process and material with the alternative processes and materials. As deliverables of the project, the students submitted their work as a report and a presentation. Afterwards, each team presented their presentation in front of their classmates. Each presentation was followed by the discussion part where each team’s results were questioned by the audience.


The project is part of the Manufacturing Technology course that was delivered by Dr Erdem Ozturk. The objective of the course is that at the end of the course, students will be able to

  • describe different manufacturing processes and equipment,
  • analyse characteristics of different processes in terms of quality, cost, lead time, volume
  • identify and select ideal manufacturing processes and parameters for a given industrial product.
  • work effectively in a team to analyze a product to and explain required manufacturing processes and compare them with the alternatives.