Tiếng Việt

Manufacturing Atlas South Vietnam

July 2014 – After the six-month of project work the students of GPEM intake 2013 completed the Manufacturing Atlas South Vietnam (MASV) project. Carried out by four students under the supervision of Dr. Carsten Reise, the project aimed to create an all-inclusive map of the manufacturing companies (MC) in South Vietnam, based on the fact that at the moment details about manufacturing companies for references are not widely available. The goal has been set to be specifying the company’s history, structure, size, operational fields and depth, manufacturing locations, as well as targeted markets.

Available as the project’s output is a collection of accurate and objective information on the MCs in the form of a software with user-friendly interface and functionality. Due to difficulties regarding the collecting and standardizing of database, the atlas currently cannot provide users with full details for each company. Nevertheless the students selected carefully the companies to be shown and excluded any with a relative lack of info, in order to ensure at least some helpfulness for anyone using the atlas.

The MASV can be employed as a resource for research, education and industry, etc., and most specifically for cooperation opportunities among organizations.

Software usage and distribution rights are held by the project group and VGU.

MASV user interface

The presentation on the project is available for download here.

To contact the project group for any question or comments please send an email to Mr. Trinh Hoang Nam Long