Projects of Class GPEM

Projects at suppliers’ factories of adidas group

GPEM students intake 2013 finished two quality improvement projects at suppliers’ factories of adidas group, namely:

  1. Total Quality Control of Injection Molding Parts in Footwear Industry
  2. Quality Improvement in Footwear Manufacturing Line

Product development

GPEM 2013 students gained experience of product development processes by delivering a project on product development. The project required group of students to setup a company to bring a product into market. Road mapping methodology was introduced to the class... [More]

Gasifier production

During the first module “Manufacturing and Factory Planning”, the subject of “Value Creation and Sustainable Manufacturing” was lectured as core knowledge in manufacturing. In April 2014, the project concerning “Value Creation in Cycle Economies” was introduced to students as a practical assignment... [More]

3D Printer - RepRapPro Huxley Project

Four students from the master program Global Production Engineering and Management (GPEM) made a practical approach to 3D printing in general and RepRap in particular. RepRap is a low-cost 3D-printer that can “print itself”: All plastic parts of the printer can be printed out by the printer... [More]

Manufacturing Atlas South Vietnam

After the six-month of project work, the students of GPEM intake 2013 completed the Manufacturing Atlas South Vietnam (MASV) project. Carried out by four students under the supervision of Dr. Carsten Reise, the project aimed to create an all-inclusive map of the manufacturing companies (MC) in South Vietnam... [More]

GPEM 2015 class has presented project results in the Manufacturing Technology course

The project required the GPEM 2015 class to setup groups to analyse manufacturing of several products. The students set-up six project teams and the teams chose the following products: [More]