Career Opportunities

Our modern society is heavily shaped by production, energy and information technology innovations. New techniques and fields of application continuously promote the technological development and grant the industry huge growth rates. Demand for engineers will continue to grow as we move toward an all-electric and all-technical society. Therefore, we need answers to sustainable development to drive forth the steadily rising demand for developing mobility, manufacturing and energy solutions.

The gained knowledge and qualification through participation in the study program allows our alumni to access technology-oriented companies and organizations and enables them to be entrepreneurs. The specialized structure of GPEM with courses related to the areas of production, engineering, management and intercultural communication as well as special profile, students learn engineering related topics, but also economic and management topics. GPEM graduates are often employed in managerial positions, and act as interface among multinational companies. Its international character is advantageous for international value creation and technology management within a company. Typical fields of work are: quality assurance, supplier development, global supply chain management and construction of production sites worldwide.