Computational Engineering Students at VGU

Aravinth Ramachandran

"Computation Engineering program at VGU is definitely a good start for the ones who want to have career in simulation field. I find there is a perfect blend of theory and practice, which makes the program best among one of its kinds. The university provides an ambiance that enhances the learning. Overall, a well organized course for enthusiastic minds."

Chi Le Minh

Giang Huynh Dong

"After 5 months here, I recognize that VGU is really helpful for me to broaden my knowledge and horizon, and also can help me attain my own intention that is to become an expert in  the computational simulation field. During past courses, I was taught by professors who are always enthusiastic and conscientious in imparting their ideas and providing extremely useful materials related to subjects. Besides, the study environment at VGU ,where I have occasions to approach an international education, is really excellent and ideal . Therefore, it is incentive for me to continue pursuing the study program here."

Hoan Nguyen Huy

"After one semester at VGU, I think this program is extremely challenged at theory also practice. Hence, I can obtain the vast amounts of knowledge via enthusiasm teachers. Moreover, my English skills go up dramatically because of studying in the international environment with English lectures and foreign friends."

Khai Chau Nguyen

"I have attended the Computational Engineering program after getting the bachelor of Engineering Mechanics. At VGU, I have a dynamic and comfortable environment to study and improve my technical abilities. The students are taught and instructed by experienced lecturers. Most of the courses tend to be more focused on the theoretical aspects rather than the practical aspects. Therefore, this program will accommodates some fundamental learning theories in Mathematics and Mechanics to help you become a full scientist in the future. This means the more steady background knowledge we have, the greater our influence will be."

Khanh Chau Nguyen

"In my opinion, Computational Engineering is a good program of VGU for those who are interested in Computational Mechanics field. Thanks to this program I have the chance to learn from many experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated professors. My knowledge has improved significantly with a deeper understanding in applied mathematics, mechanics, programming and so on."

Kim Le Hoang

"For me, Computational Engineering Master program in VGU is one of the most challenging academic environments that I have taken part in. I have to work hard almost every day to compete with my classmates, and more important, with myself, but still can feel many amazing and incredible things in every single lecture thanks to the professional lecturers. Furthermore, at CompEng-VGU, I can easily find anything I need to support my study, even about the quality of facilities (by the way, I like the library the most) or about the enthusiasm and kindness from everybody here. So far, I gradually believe that the period of studying at CompEng-VGU will be one of my best time."

Minh Tran Trung

" Here are my opinions about CompEng Program:
    - An interesting program that provides us the up-to-date knowledge in the field of engineering.
    - The students are generally young, high-motivated and talented.
    - I think it's hard to find a job in that field in countries such as Vietnam, so students should consider working abroad."

Soundararajan Sasindran

"Computational Engineering here in VGU has very well organized structure. Students benefit from a well planned curriculum taught by German professors, emphasizing on fundamentals and creativity through friendly and interactive sessions. The University sets a comfortable and warm environment by narrowing down the gap between administration, academic faculty and the students which further enhances the quality of education."

Thien Luu Hoang

Tram Huynh Hong

"When studying Computational Engineering at VGU, I have a chance to get new experiences in new environment. I am motivated by friendly and enthusiastic lecturers and staffs. From my perspective, each module is a piece of a puzzle which is really challenging and mysterious. It makes me crazy sometimes, but somehow when one by one is connected, that is an extremely exciting feeling."

Tri Bui Minh

"In my opinion, the Computational Engineering Master Program is necessary for the engineers who want to consolidate their engineering knowledge as well as upgrade new skills in calculation, simulation and programming. Especially, this course is a good choice for students who desire to gain prospective careers in the academic field."