Job openings at VGU

The Vietnamese-German University is currently looking for Administrative and Academic positions, more information about these offers can be found in here

Career Opportunities


The Master program Computational Engineering at VGU opens up various attractive career paths, both academic and in the industry.

The academic career path: German universities are seeking talented students to do doctoral studies at their institutions. If you are an excellent students at VGU, your chance to get a Ph.D scholarship in Germany is as good as ensured. VGU is also looking for Ph.D candidates to build up its teaching and research capacity in Vietnam and VGU's graduate students are of course our first choice.

The career path in the industry: the German government has been opening its job market for foreign engineers and researchers. Our Computational Engineering graduates from different countries are working at Airbus, Daimler, EADS, Volkswagen etc. in Germany. A Master degree of Computational Engineering from Ruhr University Bochum is a significant competitive advantage for VGU's students to get into the job market in Germany. Moreover, multinationals such as Bosch in Vietnam are talking to VGU's students to fill up their engineering vacancies and meet their rising HR demand in the coming years.

What Others Say

Prof. G. Meschke, Head of the Institute of Structural Mechanics and spokesman of Collaborative Research Center "Interaction Modeling in Mechanized Tunneling (SFB837)": A good Master's degree in Computational Engineering opens the door to PhD positions in Bochum and at good Universities all over the world and to a promising academic career. At present, in my institute, four excellent Computational Engineering graduates are working on their PhD projects, and this number is very likely to grow in the future. Personally, it makes absolutely no difference whether the degree is obtained in Germany or at VGU.

I am constantly seeking for talented young scientists and VGU is a place where I can find them. This is one major reason for me take the additional effort to teach at VGU in Ho Chi Minh City.