Program Description

Business Information Systems (BIS) is a 2,5-year (5 semester) Master Program offered at VGU by the University of Applied Sciences Heilbronn and the University of Applied Sciences Furtwangen. The language of instruction is English.

BIS is offered at VGU as a part time study program, allowing students to work in the day and to study on three evenings a week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon from 6:30PM - 9:30PM) and whole day on weekends (Saturday and Sunday from 9:00AM - 4:00PM).

The study rhythm is 2 weeks of classroom instruction followed by 3 weeks self-study at home to prepare for the next module.

Business Information Systems (BIS) is designed to enable students to develop software systems for business applications. Trained as experts who are able to analyse and optimise the material, monetary and information flow as well as business processes within a corporation. The creation of information and communication systems is done under consideration of personnel, financial and group specific aspects. Acquiring knowledge about managing employees, leading teams and project management are an important part of the training. This enables the graduates to hold responsible positions where they can plan, develop and install modern information and communication systems thereby enabling them to further the corporation's participation in global economic processes.


Learning Goals

The Business Information Systems program has its focus on several learning targets. Acquiring knowledge in these areas aims to enable students for participation in the world of work. These targets are:

  • Learning fundamentals in Information Technology (IT), Business Administration and Management
  • Knowing methods to analyse, optimize, implement and control organisational and IT-oriented structures
  • Understand IT architecture, technologies and platforms for modern business application systems
  • Focussing on soft skills/adaptive behaviour by doing projects and presentations
  • Knowing how to manage IT-oriented projects
  • Training team-work in case-studies


If you want to receive more information on the Business Information Systems program at VGU or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email