Meet the Students

Võ Văn Phúc

If you are looking for a course in business information system while you still work during study from famous country with international education standard, reasonable fee plus practical course schedule, coached by expertise in real working knowledge. VGU - BIS is a wise choice for you.

Christina Thảo Phan

In my opinion, the German professors are very good and kind-hearted with their students. They teach with all their teaching passion and their hearts of an academic  teacher.

Here you will not find only knowledge, but also friendship and teamwork spirit along German educating method. I really love the BIS-course.

Lê Văn Hoàng

I have thought that without much money, I could never have a good education in near future - but I knew I was wrong when learning BIS at VGU. A friendly and comfortable environment, devoted and experienced professors and active friends just make me surprisingly enjoy studying. VGU - BIS is a balanced program where technology and business meets.

Nguyễn Trường Thịnh

VGU – BIS is the place where I discovered high quality education. All professors are very dedicated with their jobs to help us to enrich theoretical and practical knowledge. In addition, VGU has been created favorable conditions to students as much as they can.

Dương Ngọc Hoàng Kim

The lecturers are very professional and the service is also very good. We often have meetings to communicate and transform informations together. So, this is a friendly environment. In addition, the tuition fee for this course is very affordable but the quality is very good.

Đặng Nhơn Hòa

If you have limited budget but you want to have a professional and international education with certificate, then you have no other choice.

Đặng Khương Duy

I'm now working for Microsoft but still I have to borrow somethings from our big competitor, Google, to say how I think about the BIS Course: I'm really feeling lucky to be in this course. Knowledge is not the only thing you'll get.

Lê Ngọc Hiếu

After four months studying at VGU as BIS student, I am really attracted by the course and the way professors lead me.