The Benefits of the Program

Here's what you get after the program

• Competitive advantages in the job market by a prestigious German and VGU degree “Bachelor of Science" in Mechanical Engineering, a world-renowned German training in engineering, English language competency and foreign study experience.

• Endless possibilities to transfer to higher degrees with a degree recognized all over the world.

• The best job opportunities in the field of :

        - Product Design

        - Manufacturing

        - Plant management

        - Energy Engineering

Here's what you get during the program

• Study at a premium university with a world-class standard, in Binh Duong campus.

• The highest teaching standards with an outstanding curriculum, dedicated and experienced professors from Germany, modern facilities and labs.

• Excellent programs taught in English, packed with real-world industry cases and soft skills such as team work, presentation, language, problem solving.

• Very affordable tuition fees substantially subsidized by the Vietnamese and German governments.