The Program

The Bachelor “Mechanical Engineering” is a six semester’s study combining basic engineering sciences with fundamental natural sciences and mathematics. Students can deepen their expertise in one of the two majors “Engineering Design and Automation” or “Energy and Process Engineering. The program provides students with expert skills and knowledge needed for a career in industry as well as a broad and solid academic foundation for the continuation of the study in a master’s program.


The majority of modules will be taught by professors of the Ruhr-University Bochum (RUB), GERMANY, and the Otto-von Guericke University, Magdeburg, GERMANY, or from other renowned universities in Germany. Additionally, to ensure the teaching quality and support, students are also attended by VGU’s experienced Vietnamese tutors. Experienced Vietnamese lecturers who graduated abroad will also be appointed for fundamental subjects like Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

English language lessons are completely taught by native English teachers.


The Bachelor Program Mechanical Engineering offers a specialization in two majors, “Engineering Design and Automation” and “Energy and Process Engineering”. For both majors the program is identical except for the 5th Semester, where different modules are offered for each major.

• Foundation year

In the foundation year the mechanical engineering students will have a basic internship of six weeks. During the internship the students will learn to practically work in areas like cutting technology, shaping, forming, casting, thermal joining and splitting, manufacturing, testing or assembly.

• 1st till 4th Semester:

The first four semesters are identical for both majors. The students are provided with a broad and solid foundation in mathematics, natural sciences and basic engineering subjects. The theory taught in the lectures is applied to problems with practical relevance in the exercises and laboratories accompanying the lectures.  

• 5th Semester:

In this semester students will follow different lectures according to their major, either “Engineering Design and Automation” or “Energy and Process Engineering”. The lectures provide additional fundamentals and greater in-depth knowledge of specific subjects for the respective major.

         - Major in Engineering Design and Automation: Students extend their basic knowledge in mechanics, machinery, manufacturing and automation. They are introduced to technical logistics and engineering calculations with the Finite Element Method (FEM).

        - Major in Energy and Process Engineering: Students extend their basic knowledge in chemistry, fluid dynamics and thermodynamics with regards to applied energy conversion and process engineering. They are introduced to the usage of renewable energies and to plant engineering.

• 6th Semester:

In this semester there is only one lecture, common again for both majors. The largest part of the semester is reserved for the industrial internship and the Bachelor thesis. By combining the industrial internship and the Bachelor thesis in one semester, the conduct of a Bachelor thesis in industry is facilitated.

The following table of modules gives a general overview of the modules offered in this program. Many of these modules will be taught as block seminars of two to four weeks in duration.

The table of modules can be downloaded here as PDF file.

The module handbook with detailed description of all modules can be downloaded here.

Table of Modules


If you want to receive more information on the Mechanical Engineering program at VGU or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dr.-Ing. Jörg Franke, the designated academic coordinator of the program.