Topics in International Corporate Governance, Accounting and Auditing

Learning goals


Readings on Accounting

  • Shahrokh M. Saudagaran: International Accounting - A User Perspective, 3rd Edition

Readings on Corporate Governance

  • David Larcker/Brian Tayan: Corporate Governance Matters: A Closer Look at Organizational Choices and Their Consequences

Textbooks on Corporate Governance

  • Bob Tricker: Corporate Governance: Principles, Policies, and Practices, 2nd Edition
  • Robert A. G. Monks/Nell Minow: Corporate Governance, 5th Edition
  • Christine A. Mallin: Corporate Governance, 4th Edition

Textbooks on Auditing

  • Rick Hayes/Roger Dassen/Arnold Schilder/Philip Wallage: Principles of Auditing: An Introduction to International Standards on Auditing, 3rd Edition

Course contents

  1. Course Overview and Introduction to Corporate Governance
  2. Separation of Ownership and Control and Theories of Corporate Governance
  3. Board responsibilities and structure
  4. Executive compensation
  5. Financial Reporting, Audit Committee and Enforcement of Accounting Standards
  6. Principles of Auditing and the Audit Market

-Group Work and paper assignments, student presentations

Topic List:

Accounting and Auditing

  1. Accounting Scandals and Corporate Governance
  2. Enforcement of Accounting Standards in Germany, France and the UK
  3. The European audit market

Corporate Governance around the world

  1. Corporate Governance in European countries
  2. Corporate Governance in Asian countries
  3. Corporate Governance in the Americas


Dr. Marius Gros

Certification and Credits:
Grading will be based 50% on a presentation to be given (including a 6-7 pages short paper-assignment to be handed in before the presentation is given) and 50% on an exam.

The presentation will require students to demonstrate understanding of specific issues of Corporate Governance, Auditing and Enforcement of Accounting standards. Students are recommended to use PowerPoint slides. The 6-7 pages short paper-assignment will be on the same topic as the presentation and to be handed in before the presentation is given. The topic will be provided by the lecturer about four weeks before the start of lectures. Depending on enrollment, the presentation may be a group project.

Nevertheless, the short paper-assignment will be a single-author paper. The exam will be a „closed book exam“ and consists of short answer and essay questions.