International Economic Issues

Learning goals

This course will be based on academic lectures but also on a workshop where students will take an active part and will contribute with presentations and essays. The main learning goal is the understanding of international and environmental economics.


  • Carbaugh Robert J., International Economics, 8th edition, South-Western Pub, 2014.
  • And relevant academic papers

Course contents

Starting from an assessment of today’s international economic situation, in a global perspective, the aim of this lecture is to understand the role of trade, innovation and comparative advantages in the positioning of a national economy in the world of tomorrow. Examples will be taken from both the European Union, where Sustainable Development and Green Growth is paving the way for a future expansion and ASEAN currently being in the integration process. Examples will further be applied to the context and economic situation of Vietnam.


Prof. Dr. Laurent Guihéry

Certification and Credits:
Written exam and presentation