International Auditing

Learning goals

  • To understand the ethical basis for professional accountants
  • To learn about the purpose, principles, rules of auditing of Financial Statements under ISA
  • To increase the knowledge and understanding of auditing procedures applied in practice
  • To be able to apply ISA to typical auditing issues 


1. Authoritative Literature:

2. Basic Literature:

  • Rick Hayes et al.; Principles of Auditing – An Introduction to International Standards of Auditing,3rd edition, 2014

3. Example Annual Report:

Daimler AG, Stuttgart, Germany

Course contents

I. Corporate Governance of Auditing

  1. Code of Ethics for professional Accountants
  2. International Standard on Quality Control (ISQC) 1

II. Financial Statement Audit

  1. Responsibilities of an auditor
  2. Planning of the audit
  3. Internal Control
  4. Audit Evidence
  5. Using work of others
  6. Audit conclusions and reporting

III. Case studies


Prof. Dr. Winfried

Type of Course:
The module consists of lectures, team project and presentations.

Certification and Credits: