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Learning goals

  • Analyze the motives and principals, that affect the strategic decisions of companies.
  • Apply these on real cases to understand the central mechanisms.
  • Understand, what kind of organizational problems occur in companies.
  • Understand, what kind of instruments exist to analyze and solve these problems.
  • Identify und understand the mechanisms.


  • James A. Brickley, Cliffod W. Smith, Jerold L. Zimmermann: Managerial Economics and Organizational Architecture
  • David Besanko, David Dranove, Mark Shanley: The Economics of Strategy, Wiley

Course contents

Management = Strategy + Organization


• How does the company position in the competitive environment in regard to competitors and consumers?

• Strategic instruments: Prices, product quality, investments, …


• What does a company have to do, to get out of several inputs (capital, labor) the „optimum“ output?

• Instruments of the management: Organizational structure, Incentives, …

  1. Decision rights (Who decides what?)
  2. Compensation (How to compensate and reward?)
  3. Evaluation (How to evaluate performance?)




Dr. Andrej Gill


Type of Course:
The module consists of a lecture and an exercise.
Students should be able to present an implementation concept of exercises.

Certification of credits:
Written examination (90 Minutes)