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Information Systems 1

Learning goals

Goals of this module are to introduce students to the fundamentals in business informatics and to give students an overview of basic knowledge about information systems and the developments in information and communication technology, which are essential for operative management tasks. Students will be able to recognize the importance of information technology for operative tasks and be exposed to fundamental implementation requirements for E-Business-Solutions.




Course contents

The course primary focuses on the potential of information systems to realize business strategies, the possible application of information and communication systems to support business processes and the challenge for the management to release the potential of information systems. Further contents include the procurement of basic knowledge of hardware and software, the development of application software and communication systems.

The course is composed of three parts: the first part includes concepts of applications systems and information systems and the basic idea of business processes and their support of ERP-Systems. The practical application of these systems is clarified by SAP R/3. In the second part of the course students learn to understand the basics of data management. The focus lies on the conceptual data modeling of the Entity-Relationship-Model (ERM) and the practical application of data banks. After that is a short introduction to the basics of computers and programming with the help of the programming language Python. The third part of the course covers communication systems and computer networks with its application in E-Business and E-Commerce and in electronic markets. Fundamental concepts of the Internet and the World Wide Web (WWW) and the implementation of E-Business-Solutions with examples of electronic markets are also introduced.



Prof. Paul Alpar


Prof. Paul Alpar

Type of Course

The module consists of lectures and exercises.
Students will demonstrate proficiency in course material through exercises.

Certification of credits

Written examination (90 Minutes)