Courses in Semester 2

Information Systems 1

Goals of this module are to introduce students to the fundamentals in business informatics and to give students an overview of basic knowledge about information systems and the developments in information and communication technology, which are essential for operative management tasks. Students will be able to recognize the importance of information technology for operative tasks and be exposed to fundamental implementation requirements for E-Business-Solutions. [More]

Statistics 1

The term statistics has two different word senses: On the one hand, it describes a collection of quan-titative information, such as unemployment statistics. On the other hand, statistics as a science deals with methods for the description and analysis of data. These methods are the topic of this course. The next two chapters start with descriptive statistics, the representation of data and relationships within the data. Chapters 4 to 7 treat the theoretical background for inferential statistics, i.e. for statistical conclusions on the basis of models (which are treated from Chapter 8 on). Since, in practice it is in many cases only a small (but daring?) step from description to inference, the distinction between descriptive and inductive statistics often seems artificial. [More]

Marketing 1

The course covers the fundamentals of marketing theory, concepts and management as applied to marketing's strategic role in identifying and meeting customer needs, including product, price, promotion and communication management. [more]


Law for Economists

The course provides economists with an overview of the Vietnamese legal system, including in an international context. The course covers an introduction to the Vietnamese legal system, with a focus on commercial transactions (Civil Code, Commercial Law, and specialised laws applicable to commercial contracts), legal entities and their regulatory framework (Law on Enterprises, Law on Investment) and related legal matters in the context of business law and business transactions. In addition, the course provides an overview on international contracts and international transactions. [More]