Mathematics for Economists

Learning goals

In order to understand and apply modern economic theories and concepts as well as to meet the requirements for course study it is necessary for students to be able to use learn basic mathematical theories. This Course has the goal to provide students with these mathematical resources.

Malcolm Pemberton and Nicolas Rau: Mathematics for Economists: An Introductory Textbook, Manchester University Press 2011.

Course contents

  1. Linear Equations
  2. Linear Inequalities
  3. Sets and functions
  4. Methods of differentiation
  5. Approximations
  6. Matrix algebra
  7. Systems of linear equations
  8. Functions of several variables


Dr. Heiner Schumacher

Dr. Son Nguyen

Dr. Heiner Schumacher

Dr. Son Nguyen

Type of Course

The module consists of lectures and exercises.

Students will demonstrate proficiency in course material through exercises.

Certification of credits
Written examination (120 Minutes)