Courses in Semester 1

Introduction to Accounting

The course goal is that students learn the basics in accounting and book-keeping. In addition to learning the importance of accurate accountancy, students also study the legal requirements for accountants, in particular the fundamentals regarding correct accountancy and annual reporting [More]

Mathematics for Economists

Starting from a fairly low level, the course provides a systematic coverage of calculus and matrix algebra. [More]

Introduction to Economics

The goal of this module is to provide students with a broad overview of Economics. Students will analyze fundamental economic models to learn the most important methods and concepts of Economics. Besides the formal (algebraically and geometrical) model analysis, the analysis of economic texts will assist students in understanding the history of economic theories. [More]

Finance 1

The course title OFIN stands for „Orientation into Finance“. It shall introduce students into the field of finance and into the concepts and methods used in finance. [More]