Merit Scholarship for Bachelor Students

1. Eligibility

Merit Scholarships are applied to students of the following programs:

  • Computer Science (CS);
  • Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (EEIT);
  • Mechanical Engineering (ME);
  • Finance and Accounting (FA);
  • Business Administration (BA).

2. Scholarship Package

  • The best 5% students will get scholarships of 100% of the tuition fee;
  • The next best 15% students will get scholarships of 50% of tuition fee;
  • The next best 20% students will get scholarships of 30% of tuition fee.

3. Funding Method

The scholarships are annually granted as a reduction of the tuition fee of the study programs where students are admitted.

4. Scholarship Calculation

Scholarships for the first academic year (Foundation Year) will be based on:

  • Final result of the university’s entrance examination, or
  • The result of the National High-school Graduation Examination, or
  • The special achievements of students who are directly admitted without taking part in the entrance examination (see section 5).

Scholarship for the following academic years will be based on the GPA of the preceding academic year (average of grades of all mandatory modules in the schedule of the program).

5. Scholarships for students of direct admission 

Merit Scholarships (up to 100% of tuition fee) will be considered for:

  • Students who won the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd prize in the national high-school competition in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Informatics (applied to all study programs), English or Literature (only applied to FA or BA) and the national competition of science and  technology;
  • Students who won a medal in the high-school competition “Asia Olympiad” in Mathematics, Physics, or Informatics;
  • Members of the International High-school Olympiad) in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, or Informatics.

Further information can be found at the Merit Scholarships Regulation of the Vietnamese-German University.