Frequently Asked Questions

If I attend the entrance test at VGU, will it have something to do with my attending the national university entrance exam after that?

Our entrance test is independent of the national university entrance exam. You can see from the sample test questions that our test questions are designed by an examination institution in Germany and are quite different from typical questions in the national university entrance exams. You just need to get familiarized a little bit with our questions and don’t need to learn anything by heart to be able to sit for our tests.
If needed, you can still attend the national university entrance exam after having attended and got the result from our entrance tests.   

Do I have to study in German language?

No, all programs are taught in English but German courses are offered along the way. Is it not attractive to any employer and to anyone if you speak two foreign languages after you graduate from our university? Besides, language is not the only thing we care about. You will also be equipped with various soft skills such as teamwork, presentation skills and problem solving. These are the skills mostly required in the real job world.

What kind of degree will I get after the course? Can I get into higher degree programs?

You will be awarded a German and VGU Bachelor degree. German degrees are among the most prestigious degrees in the world. German degrees are recognized across Europe (by the Bologna Process) and the world. Armed with our prestigious degree, you can transfer to any Masters programs in the world, especially in Germany and in our Masters programs here at VGU.

How are my job prospects after I graduate?

After your training, you’ll have certified skills and knowledge in your area, be armed with soft skills, speak two foreign languages (and in certain study programs, have foreign experience in Germany), got an internship in an international company (because our university has relationships with many international companies), have studied the whole time in an international environment. You can present all that to the employers. Now, if I were an employer looking for qualified staff and in front of me were two candidates, one with our degree with all the skills mentioned above, exactly like your profile and another candidate from another university in Vietnam, whom do you guess I would pick?

Why is your tuition fee so high?

You really think it’s high? Have you taken a look at the fees of some institutions here in town? And from there, can you can a prestigious degree like ours? Can you get qualified professors like ours from Germany? And how about the class size? And where does the curriculum come from? There are many things that make a high quality training, you know, but just think about your profile after you graduate from our school, put it side by side with another profile of a graduate from other schools that you know, and then look at the two profiles as if you were an employer or anyone with an objective view, you’ll see what I mean. Think of the tuition fee as an investment, and think of what you’ll get after you’ve made that investment. I guarantee you that you’ll have a huge pay-off. But coming back to your question, actually our fees are quite low. Now you can enjoy this very attractive fee because the costs and the investments have been subsidized by the Vietnamese and German governments, supported by other organizations such as DAAD, the World Bank and German multinationals. With all that help, we are able to keep the tuition fees down at such a very attractive level.


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