Extracurricular Program

Mini Courses

In 2013 the program “Finance and Accounting” offers mini courses all aimed at preparing students to successfully complete their upcoming study program:

1. Communication and Presentation Skills

in January 2013

2. CCC Management: Business Simulation (Prof. Mittelstaedt and Prof. Wiepcke)

in March 11-15 2013


It is an unforgettable experience that will convey a holistic picture about business management and will keep you confident in your business studies for times to come. CCC Management (licensed by Prof. Liening, TU Dortmund) offers a highly intense business learning environment. You, as part of a team, shall own a business of your own in the textile industry and make decisions in the fields of Marketing, Finance, HR, Production, R&D, Quality Management etc. You manage a business function year after year and align your business strategy to company’s financial objectives.