Admission Requirements

  • You don’t need the National University Exam Scores.
  • Submit scores in 6 subjects (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English and Literature) during high school years and pass the high-school leaving exam.
  • Pass the VGU Entrance Test which consists of a problem solving test and an English test. The problem solving test is a multiple choice test in English Language. Click on "Sample Test" to know more about it. The English test is to assess the students' English skills, is done at a computer and does not comprise an oral test. Sample English test questions can also be found at "Sample Test".

Application Process

  1. From now to end of April 2017, you can apply online on our website. In order to fill in the online application form, you need to create a registration account in our system. Switch to "Registration Form" and you will be guided step by step. In "Registration Form", at first, you need to give us your email address and wait for an automatic reply email with the activation code. If you have problems with the online application, please contact us immediately for help.
  2. Use the code to activate your VGU's account and access the online application form. In the online application form, you will give in your personal information and the average scores of the selected subjects in the 10th, the 11th and the first semester of 12th grade. You probably don’t have the final score of the first semester of 12th grade by the time you register, just type in "N/A". Please make sure that you fill in the high school grades correctly. At the day of the Entrance Test you have to prove it with a photocopied transcript. If there are any differences, you will be excluded from the examination. If you are studying at another university, please give the name of your university together with the name of your high-school in the registration form
  3. As soon as you receive your score for the first semester of 12th grade, log in your VGU account again (using your chosen password) and type in your scores to complete your application. Also do so when you want to submit or change your information. Please note that only completely filled in applications will be processed.
  4. You can find a sample test for the two parts of the Entrance Test and the English Language Onscreen test on this website.
  5. We will process your application and will inform you if you’re among the selected candidates. The best candidates for each study program will be invited to the Entrance Test, if the GPA is at least 7.0. The GPA is calculated by putting more value to the more relevant subjects for your study program: The results of all three years in Mathematics and English will be counted 33,3% each, while the results of the four remaining subjects will count only 33,3% together. 
  6. Further details will be given in the invitation letter to the entrance test.
  7. Successful candidates will receive a letter of acceptance. You will be officially a student of VGU when you enroll and pay the fee for the first semester.


If you have questions about the application process, please contact us by emailing to:

The Entrance test

Get more information on the Entrance Test here.