Learning goals

Students are able to understand and describe the propagation of electromagnetic waves on transmission lines and free space. They gain an appreciation of the circuit concept for the realization of high frequency circuits and learn how to dimension simple sytems of transmitter-receiver. The students acquire skills in teamwork, project and time management, leading negotiations, self-assurance and are prepared for methodical work and presentation techniques.

Course contents

  • Passive components 
  • Wave propagation on transmission lines 
  • Reflection and transformation of the impedance 
  • Smith diagram 
  • TEM or quasi-TEM-wave guides 
  • S-parameters 
  • Resonators and filters 
  • High-frequency amplifiers 
  • Maxwell's equations 
  • Plane waves 
  • Transmit and receiver systems



Dr. G. Zimmer


Dr. G Zimmer

Certification of credits:

Written examination