Digital Routing

Learning goals

This module addresses the fundamentals, principles and methods of the routing technology. It also provides the fundamentals of modern routing systems and telecommunication networks. The students are prepared for methodical working within a team and know presentation techniques.

Course contents

  • Introduction to the switching and routing 
  • 64 kbit/s switching and routing – basic features, basic design of a switching and routing network, signalling 
  • LAPD protocol (Link Access Procedure on D-channel) 
  • Digital Subscriber Signalling system no. 1, signalling between switching exchanges, central signalling system no. 7 
  • Queuing theory 
  • IP-routing – internet, network structure, IP router, IP Internet Protocol, addressing, routing, routing protocols 
  • RIP (Routing Information Protocol) 
  • OSPF (Open Shortest Path First) 
  • BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) 
  • NGN (Next Generation Networks)



Dr. U. Trick


Dr. U. Trick

Certification of credits:

Written examination