Communications Engineering

Learning goals

This module addresses the basics, principles and methods of the transmission technology. It also provides the fundamentals for understanding modern transmission systems and telecommunication networks. The students are able to identify and apply the most appropriate method for calculation and design of linear time invariant communication systems and their output signals and the appropriate basic modulation scheme.

Course contents

  • Information theory 
  • Signal theory 
  • Linear and time-invariant systems 
  • Impulse responses 
  • Convolution 
  • Fourier transformation 
  • Two terminal networks 
  • Transfer functions of two terminal networks 
  • Time discrete systems 
  • Pulse code modulation 
  • Transmission media 
  • Modulation processes based on sinus carriers 
  • Stochastic methods 
  • Baseband transmission 
  • Bit error probability



Dr. K. Kastell


Dr. Kira Kastell

Certification of credits:

Written examination