Courses in Semester 5


The RF-Engineer provides the physical-layer of all communication systems, which is especially true for wireless communication. Besides providing knowledge of electromagnetic waves and transceiver concepts, this course helps the students to develop skills in teamwork and methodical work. [more...]

Communications Engineering

In this module, the students learn the principles behind the transmission technology and how to calculate and design linear time invariant communication systems. [more...]

Embedded Intelligent Systems

Based on the knowledge gained in Microcontroller Technology, the module provides the theory of intelligent systems and their implementation on embedded systems . After completing this course, the students are able to design and program embedded intelligent systems such as smart sensors and intelligent robots. [more...]

Digital Routing

With the knowledge of the routing technology provided in this module, the students understand the principles of internet protocols, IP and networks. They also learn how to work in teams and present results. [more...]

Digital Systems

In this module the students deepen their understanding of sequential circuits and learn how to design hazard-free circuits and functioning models. [more...]

Control Engineering 2

Continuing with the content of Control Engineering 1, this course provides knowledge and skills to analyse and design discrete linear control systems. [more...]