Learning goals

The course focuses on the hardware related to programming in assembler. The knowledge is reinforced in the practicals of typical application fields to enable the students to develop microprocessor-controlled systems. The students gain enhanced knowledge of the working principles and design of microcomputers and will become familiar with the hardware oriented programming in a high-level language. They further acquire skills in teamwork and are prepared for working and presentation techniques.

Course contents

  • Architecture of microprocessors, microcontrollers and microcomputers 
  • Addressing modes and stack based operations 
  • Analysis of the machine cycle and the function of the control unit 
  • Use of Ports for Input / Output Operations 
  • Assembly language / machine code programming 
  • Output of characters to a LC-display 
  • Application of tables, e.g. programming of melodies or other Subroutine and Interrupt handling



Dr. P. Nauth


Dr. P. Nauth


Dr. P. Nauth

Certification of credits:

Written examination