Fundamentals of Telecommunication

Learning goals

This module offers an introduction to the principles and methods of communication and routing technologies, knowledge of the issues relating to modern communications systems and technologies and experience in project work. It gives in-depth knowledge of software solutions including issues from the field of communication technology. The students acquire skills in teamwork, project and time management, leading negotiations, self-assurance and are prepared for methodical working and presentation techniques.

Course contents

  • OSI reference model
  • Multiplexing techniques (time, space, frequency, wavelength, code division multiplex)
  • Multi-access methods
  • Protocols 
  • Switching and routing
  • Signalling systems
  • Circuit switching
  • Packet switching



Mr. Frank Weber


Mr. Frank Weber

Software Project:

Dr. U. Trick

A. Lehmann

T. Eichelmann

Certification of credits:

Written examination