Courses in Semester 4

Electronics part 2

The module provides the basic concepts of the use of electronic components and their description within electronic simulation tools. The students learn how to design analog and mixed signal electronic circuits. [more...]


Based on the first two semesters the module provides the knowledge of microcontroller architectures, the hardware of microcontroller systems and the programming of microcontrollers in assembly language and C. After completing this course, the students are able to design and program microcontroller systems. [more...]

Control Engineering 1

This module aims to develop the student’s ability to analyse and design linear control loops and to extend an understanding of the analysis of dynamic systems. [more..]

Fundamentals of Telecommunication

Telecommunication deals of the transmission of information over significant distances between different end users as for example humans or computers. In this module the students gain knowledge in telecommunication technology and acquire experience in team work and project management. [more...]

Fundamentals of Power Engineering

The content of this lecture is divided into two parts. The first one deals with the direct-current machines and the second with transformers. The students gain experience in construction, function and application of both electrical machines. The course is completed by exercises on both issues. [more...]

Intermediate German part 2

In this course the students continue to learn basic German and deepen their understanding and knowledge of the German culture and language. It aims at preparing the students to achieve the B1 level. [more...]