Electrical Metrology and Instrumentation

Learning goals

The module gives basic knowledge of the “electrical measurement” in theory and practice and the use and application of measuring instruments. The students gain the ability to analyse the measurement results and present them in a coherent manner whereby they acquire skills in teamwork and are prepared for working and presentation techniques.

Course contents

  • Error analysis of analogue and digital measuring devices, abbreviations and symbols 
  • The ideal operational amplifier in the field of electrical measurement 
  • Measuring principles and design of analogue and digital measuring instruments 
  • Measurement of direct and alternating values 
  • Power measurement of single and three-phase systems
  • Measuring of DC and AC bridges 
  • Analogue to digital and digital to analogue convertors 
  • Design and performance of analogue and digital oscilloscopes



Dr.-Ing. Klaus Quirder


Dr.-Ing. Klaus Quirder


Dr.-Ing. Klaus Quirder

Certification of credits:

Written examination