Courses in Semester 3

Electronics part 1

The module provides the basic concepts of the use of electronic components and their description within electronic simulation tools. The students learn how to design analog and mixed signal electronic circuits. [more...]

Digital Signal Processing

This module gives an introduction into “Digital Signal Processing” and enables the students to analyse and synthesize digital signals. [more...]

Industrial Business Management

In this module the students will be equipped with skills related to Business Management, such as material management, controlling and financing. They further learn how to analyse and understand the market and how to run a business effectively. [more...]

Transients and Transforms Electric Circuits and Systems

The students will develop the abilities to identify the various forms of stimulation of electrical circuits. The students will get insight in the mathematical concepts for the description of linear electric circuits in terms of time, frequency and Laplace domain. [more...]

Electrical Metrology and Instrumentation

This course will impart basic knowledge in electrical metrology and instrumentation. Students learn the different modes of operation and the application of measuring instruments. Potential measuring faults of test readings are defined. The laboratory will provide a deeper understanding of the subject by test readings, documentation and presentation of the result. [more...]

Intermediate German part 1

This course provides basic knowledge of the German language and culture and enables the students to understand and express themselves in certain everyday life situations. [more...]