Courses in Semester 2

Advanced Engineering Mathematics

Based on the fundamentals gained in the 1st semester, this module will provide a deeper insight and mathematical skills in advanced mathematics. After completing this course, the students are able to solve mathematical-technical assignments using methods of the infinitesimal analysis including one or several variable functions. [more...]

High-level Programming Language

The ability to develop problem solutions and implement them in a high-level programming language is a key issue in electrical engineering. The students will gain an insight in methods for detecting and debugging errors, implementing the most important language elements and library functions of higher level programming language. [more...]

Experimental Physics part 2

This module provides knowledge and understanding of the basic concepts of technical physics, with an underlying focus on practical experiments. Students will gain a thorough understanding of the processes of abstraction, from relevant identification up to the formal implementation and calculation. [more...]

Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering 2

The course covers the fundamental physical principles underlying electrical engineering. Topics will include DC circuits, AC Circuits, static electric fields and static magnetic fields. It provides the basic knowledge for the study program. [more...]

Electrical Engineering Materials

Special emphasis is laid on the basics and principles of model-based mechanical, electrical, magnetic and thermal behaviour in the three groups of solid-states: metals, semiconductors and isolators as well as superconductors. The students will gain an appreciation of the ways in which these various materials are exploited to produce electronic components (e. g. diode, transistors).[more...]

Digital Circuit Design

This Module provides the ability to analyse and design digital circuits, in-depth knowledge of the various design techniques associated with digital technology and a fundamental knowledge about programmable digital gate arrays. [more...]