Courses in Semester 1

Fundamentals of Engineering Mathematics

A solid grounding in Mathematics is a part of every undergraduate Engineering degree. After completing this course, the students should have gained basic knowledge of advanced mathematics. [more...]

Experimental Physics part 1

This module provides knowledge and understanding of the basic concepts of technical physics, with an underlying focus on practical experiments. Students will gain a thorough understanding of the processes of abstraction, from relevant identification up to the formal implementation and calculation. [more...]

Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering 1

The course covers the fundamental physical principles underlying electrical engineering. Topics will include DC circuits, AC Circuits, static electric fields and static magnetic fields. It provides the basic knowledge for the study program. [more...]

Basics of Engineering Design

The students should be able to systematically develop systems, using electrical and mechanical components. The module presents the basic knowledge of production processes and their practical implementation. Substantial knowledge of modern development methods, including schedule planning and cost efficiency and interdisciplinary work groups are core components of this module. [more...]