The Program


The majority of modules will be taught by professors of the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, GERMANY or from other renowned universities in Germany. Additionally, to ensure the teaching quality and support, students are also attended by VGU’s experienced Vietnamese tutors. Experienced Vietnamese lecturers who graduated abroad will also be appointed for fundamental subjects (Mathematics and Physics).
English language lessons are completely taught by native English teachers.


  • 1st and 2nd Semester:

The first two semesters will provide the students with solid scientific foundation and an engineering mindset. Topics in advanced Mathematics and Physics are chosen as to be applicable in many engineering areas. Fundamentals in Electrical Engineering will provide students with an understanding of the principles, analytical methods and skills in the application of these methods in this engineering area. Knowledge of materials used in electronic components and fundamental skills to develop systems using electrical components, modern development methods including schedule planning and cost efficiency are also the study outcomes of these semesters.      

  • 3rd and 4th Semester:

These two semesters will lead the students into a variety of Electrical Engineering subjects, focusing on Electronics and Telecommunications. Electronics subjects will equip the students with the ability to understand and to design electronic circuits and components using simulation tools. Telecommunication subjects will provide the students with the principles, methods and software solutions in modern communications systems and technology. The subjects Digital Systems, Control Systems, Microcomputer Systems will provide the students with typical engineering thinking in analyzing, modeling and designing dynamic systems. Students will also become familiar with hardware oriented programming.   
Through ongoing project works, students will acquire skills in teamwork, negotiations, presentation and are prepared for a dynamic working environment.  

  • 5th Semester:

In this semester the subjects in Telecommunication area will be studied in greater depth and provide the students with the ability to analyze and design modern communication networks and systems. The subjects address among others the areas of telecommunication architecture, digital communication technology and intelligent systems, keeping the next generation networks in mind.
The following focus modules will be offered:

  • Signal Transmission Technology
  • Digital Exchange Technology
  • Radio Frequency Engineering
  • Embedded Intelligent Systems
  • Signals and Systems
  • Digital Systems
  • 6th Semester:

It is planned that some of the best students will study this semester at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences in GERMANY to build up intercultural abilities and help students gain foreign experiences.

This semester is packed with projects, internship in companies and the bachelor’s thesis. The students will have to apply their hard and soft skills in a blended way to solve practical problems and in real-world situations. In the thesis, students are expected to demonstrate sufficient proficiency in technical and interdisciplinary topics to work as an engineer. 

The following table of modules gives a general overview of the modules offered in this program. Many of these modules will be taught as block seminars of two to four weeks in duration.

The table of modules can be downloaded here.

Table of Modules


If you want to receive more information on the Electrical Engineering &  Information Technology program at VGU or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Hien M. Nguyen by email, the academic coordinator of the program.


The undergraduate program Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (focus on ELECTRONICS & TELECOMMUNICATION) is a three-year program (six semesters) offered by the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, leading to an internationally recognized Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.). The program is accredited in Germany and certified by the EUR-ACE label, a quality label for engineering programs, recognised across Europe.

Together with the compulsory "Foundation year" (FY) which builds up the students skills needed for the main course, the program will last for four years.

The language of instruction is English, but all students will also study German alongside their regular studies. It is planned that students will study at least one semester (semester 6) in English language at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Germany.